Dabur Real Concept Packaging

One of India's best Juice Brands with various flavours


It's the no. 1 Juice Brand in India


The current visual brand language and the package design is obsolete and has a huge scope of improvement.

The brand also has a potential to reach global audience making it even more important to have a new identity.

Brand Identity



What if Real converts into a 100% Real Fruit Juice Brand? The new logo resembles the old as well as makes it more appropriate, keeping it simple to use in different platforms.

Dabur Real - Concept Packaging Design

The new brand will concentrate on the healthy aspect of the products, making it 100% Natural. Fresh and Natural is visually associated with Green. This creates a brand, that picks farm fresh fruits to give customers unadulterated natural juices.


The design of the packaging is inspired by the leaves and plants of the associated fruit. The line art style of leaves and coloured fruits on white background adds to the freshness, and makes it stand out in the shelves.

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