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Dre-flection is a series of photographs that makes you indulge in a dream waiting to turn into reality. The name is a combination of two words Dream + Reflection because both associate with the term illusion. All the images were clicked using my iPhone zooming in on objects like glass boxes, bottles or jars. This series relates to expressive still life paintings which is timeless but at the same time makes me connect with the current pandemic situation. A situation which I don’t think is permanent, making me dream of a better world. The common feeling of craving for freedom - feel the wind, the sun and the beautiful environment again has made me fall in love with the smallest detail that I kept missing before. We used to have human interactions, but now we have this weird connection with objects around us. It’s like a message by small little objects reflecting the outside views and saying that don’t worry, there’s still hope and everything will turn out to be beautiful again. Dream is something that happens in our minds which cannot be seen or experienced by a third person. But this time, I found a way to communicate with people by starting to paint the strokes of my dreams using photography. Trying to convey the different feelings which I’m hoping for or imagining in this pandemic situation. A sense of keeping it blurry and hazy but at the same time strong and expressive - portrays imagination - developing different anecdotes. With this difficult situation that we all are going through, Dreflection is to develop positive thoughts, connect with the imagination of many and conveying a message to look into the tiny details that says “The dream of seeing a better world will come true.

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