Balaji International School

Brand Identity Design for a new school in a small town called Betul


Balaji International School was a new school for kids in Betul, a small town. The target audience was to connect with parents and kids in the city, in a fun but professional approach.






The logo is designed in order to show a kid happily, aiming and soaring high. The three parts of the body i.e. the head, hands and legs have been showcased to give a happy expression with a sense of motion, as kids are always active. The colours used are bright and lively which connects the child with the school very well, making him/her feel fresh and connected. 


The use of logo mark in different ways helped create a sense of interest and added a fun element to all the collaterals such as stationery, business cards, application form, diaries, etc. The colours add to the brightness and positive design approach, making it playful for kids to use them every day.


Following the curves in the logo mark, the design approach for prospectus was to give it an attractive layout and easy to read all the essential information. The images used are to encourage education, happiness and confidence with a sense of care and love for kids.


The brand messaging and the images used were to make the viewer bring a smile on their faces. The tone of voice was to keep it fun and spread a message with less words. The posters, billboards and banners were designed in both English and Hindi to cater maximum audience.

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