Elite Floorings

Rebranding of a classic corporate firm in town working with Architects and Government Officials


Elite Floorings – a sister concern of a 50-year old family enterprise that deals with many different areas of construction business – needed a re-brand to catch the modern trends as well as reach a larger group of audience and elite class clients.
The process involves designing a new logo mark that gives bold statements and develops a brand persona which becomes a first choice for the young, professional architects and interior designers.
Deriving a logo mark, developing the identity into different deliverables was the main role. Forming long-term relationship and trust was the main goal.

Logo Design




Product catalog


Triangles are known to be the strongest geometric shape. The reason for using triangles is to show boldness and strength, as well as, Elite. There are three triangles in the logo mark, which balances and completes it.
To create chamfered edges, one needs to have skills and high level of craftsmanship. The reason behind chamfered edges is to embrace the logo and portray that, Elite Flooring as a company, believe and deliver precision and skilled craftsmanship.
Since most of the clients belong to the field of architecture & interior design, bringing an artistic look to the logo mark creates a stronger connection with the brand. The abstract pattern helps develop a creative mindset.


A professional approach was key while designing the website. Although the work is still in progress, but it was important to freeze the look and feel for different platforms. Online presence and online marketing has become one of the major criteria for reaching maximum target audience. Therefore the design approach is to keep it clean, with an 'Easy-to-use' interface.


The brochure or product catalog contains all the products they deal in. The main target audience being architects and interior designers, the approach was to design a floor plan that shows all the different probabilities of using their products in various activity areas. The imagery for these products has been used in order to understand even the texture of material, making it easy to visualise for a designer, before using the product.

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