Callista Interiors

Rebranding for one of the reknowned interior design firms in town


Callista Interiors is an experienced firm working on Interior Design Projects since ten years led by Arundhati Sathe. She was looking for a complete rebrand of her firm as they aim to reach to a larger target audience and build a new connection with her clients and target firms. She also wanted to expand her professional practice to the international market as the firm started getting projects from different places. Her requirement was a bold, modern, minimalist identity that must be corporate as well as connecting.

Logo Design




Callista means "Beautiful". The logo resembles precisely that! The small circle at the top right corner is like a beauty spot saying - "We make things beautiful for you". Depicting the meaning of the word Callista helped spread a message to users/viewers that the firm is trying to be playful and professional by using a formal font in the typography. The colours portray professionalism, grabs attention and shows passion & excitement and subtlety and minimalism; making it look more distinctive in their profession.


The old logo seemed to be a bit inappropriate due to the colours, typography and playfulness. The logo mark also seemed to be less formal and complicated when reduced to various platforms. The rebrand's approach was to do a little research on what kind of clients, projects, and beliefs their firm have and we found that they needed something that looked bold, appropriate, distinctive and straightforward. The desired approach will help them cater to all kinds of clients as well as their target clients.


A playful layout was followed in the UI Design of website for Callista Interiors, leading into a more interactive and comfortable user experience. Instead of using flashy slideshows and animations, the websites look simple, elegant; delivering the right messages to the user.

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