An architectural workshop organising company giving students and professionals a practical experience


Archxp is an organisation helping students of architecture achieve excellence in the professional field by giving on-site knowledge and experience. They conduct workshops and seminars to bridge the gap between architectural studies and practical implication. They were looking to have brand identity that connects with students and professionals.

Logo Design


Event Posters



The logo mark portrays eternal (infinite) learning. It also reflects the prefix of an architect 'ar.' The colours used are yellow and blue which shows affinity and professionalism.


The website was developed by using icons and colours of the brand with a simple layout. The imagery was chosen to reflect the concept of on-site learning to create interest and help deliver the right motive behind Archxp.


The concept of on-site learning for students and professionals was one of the key elements to be considered for workshop posters. These posters were designed as a direct reflection to the topic of workshop in the form working drawings.

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