A COVID-19 Social Awareness Organisation for the people of Florence, Italy


To inform about COVID and support by helping them get through this.


Students, Working Professionals
(18-40 Years)




Social Media


'U' can give us a Heads Up.
It is every individual's responsibility to help, support and be informed in this pandemic. Therefore, we can all show that we are in this together just be following and taking some basic important aspects. By just giving a Heads Up. Most of the websites and platforms related to COVID-19 seemed to either depress people, or was not much connecting with different group of people. The main aim was also to be able to connect with everyone and make them feel better by using vibrant colour scheme.

The Welcome Page

Daily Health Checker

Stay Productive

Find Doctors


The app helps connect with people on a personal level, to help keep themselves updated on their health, the latest news, cases and find doctors. The app also helps people stay productive by giving them important tips and suggestions of how to study or work from home effectively.

Live Updates

HeadsUp Help


The website was designed to inform people of Florence about the latest updates, the no. of cases, to get volunteer help and give a HeadsUp to all the old population by helping them take care during this situation. The social media images also reflects the change that HeadsUp will bring when it is a success. Both the platforms help cater those students and professionals who are not well versed with Italian language, keeping them updated, informed and making them feel that we are in this together.

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