Mars 2033

A hypothetical mission to help encourage humans to start exploring new innovations for Mars by 2033.


To prepare the first 100 humans from 2020 to explore all the possibilities when they step on Mars in 2033

WHY 2033

NASA is under presidential orders to send human to mars in 2033. Also July 2033 is the prediction because we can launch a mission to mars every 14 months, the last mission being perseverance rover in July 2020.


SpaceX is building a spaceship called Starship, which is discussed to carry 100 people to Mars. And they should be all set to launch a mission in 2033.

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Promotional Posters




The logo mark is custom font to resemble the digital category of fonts and the number zero is the Red Planet with a star in the centre. The star represents the Starship built by SpaceX. The right hue of red gives the identity a fresh look but less of a warning sign.


The identity shows how well it fits into various print, clothing and packaging collaterals. The use of just white background with a tinge of red reflects the brand identity. The use of star to highlight different areas in design makes it personalised and helps connect with the identity.


The manual answers all the why, how, who questions and acts as a starting guide for people who are keen to fulfil their desire to explore more about Mars and the mission.


The website is designed to main area of communication that consists of all the latest discoveries, innovations and studies done to reach Mars by NASA. The website acts as a platform to discover areas that people can explore related to Mars, helping them decide their future and start their journey towards the mission of going to Mars in2033.


The promotional posters will help communicate with people who need a motivation to change and dedicate their lives for this mission. The use of grid pattern on images gives a sense of excavating information about a place and also attracts people's attention to explore beautiful places in Mars. All the images used for this project are taken from HiRise, NASA and SpaceX.

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